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Rules and regulations

This page provides information for event exhibitors and sponsors on the College’s rules and regulations, including insurance, security, lost property and the College’s fire procedure.

All exhibitors and sponsors are required to read RCOG’s policy on acceptance of advertising and sponsorship.


Under the exhibitor contract, the responsibility for, and insurance of, an exhibitor’s exhibition property is that of the exhibitor. While the RCOG takes every precaution to protect the exhibitor’s property during the event, the RCOG, and any member of its staff, will not accept responsibility for the safety, damage, loss and destruction by theft, fire or any other cause to an exhibitor’s property on the RCOG premises.

The RCOG also advises exhibitors to insure against legal liability incurred in respect of damage to property belonging to third parties and bodily injury to third parties.

In addition, the exhibitor will be liable to pay any expenditure incurred should the event be cancelled due to force majeure.


While every reasonable precaution is taken during the event to ensure the premises are adequately patrolled, the RCOG expressly disclaims the responsibility for any loss or damage to property of the exhibitor from any cause.

Lost property

Lost property will be handed to the reception front desk, located on the ground floor, at the front of the building. It is essential you report any loss sustained from your stand to the reception front desk and the Conference Coordinator.

General health and safety


Smoking is not permitted inside the building or during the exhibition set-up or break down, and exhibitors are required to make this clear to their staff and their contractors.

Fire procedure

Location of exits and alarm call points

Please make sure you are familiar with exits and alternative fire exits at the RCOG – these are clearly marked and will also be pointed out at the start of day 1 of the event.

If you discover a fire:

  • Immediately activate the nearest fire alarm by breaking the glass
  • Do not take risks but fight fire only if:
    • The fire is small and not spreading to other areas
    • You are trained to use a fire extinguisher and it is safe to do so
  • Leave the building using the designated escape route
  • Assemble near the green Fire Assembly Point notice outside the London Business School in Sussex Place

If you hear the fire alarm:

  • The fire alarm system is directly routed to the Fire Brigade at all times: there is no requirement to telephone the Fire Brigade
  • If you hear the alarm you should leave the building by the nearest exit
  • Proceed to the assembly point near the green Fire Assembly Point notice outside the London Business School in Sussex Place
  • Do not use lifts
  • Do not stop to collect belongings
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised it is safe to do so

If you have any queries about the fire procedure, please consult a member of the RCOG Conference Office.

Final clause

In cases not covered or only partially covered within this manual, the RCOG decision shall be final.