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MRCOG: Our specialty training exam

Find out everything you need to know about the RCOG's membership exam, the MRCOG.

The RCOG’s membership exam is internationally recognised as the gold standard qualification in O&G. This three part assessment is intended for those who wish to specialise. Read on for full details of the examination demands, regulations and how to apply.

Overview of MRCOG

This qualification has been designed to test the skills, knowledge and clinical behaviour of doctors specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology. As leaders in medical education, and as a respected international faculty, our curricula also pushes advancements in women’s healthcare globally.

The exam is made up of three parts, details of which are listed below. Successful completion of all three stages is required for a membership to be awarded.

Please follow the relevant links to read more about each exam part and how to apply.

MRCOG Part 1

A written examination to evaluate your understanding of the relevant basic and clinical sciences.

MRCOG Part 2                 

A written examination assessing application of knowledge.


A clinical assessment to evaluate your ability to apply core clinical skills, knowledge and competency across five skill domains. These core skill domain contexts are as defined in the MRCOG Part 2 curriculum.

The MRCOG Part 3 is part of the assessment and validation process for entry on to the UK Specialist Register. It is also essential for those progressing to a consultant post in O&G. UK specialty trainees must pass the MRCOG Part 2 and MRCOG Part 3 before progressing from ST5 to ST6.

Our members

The RGOC membership examination was first held in 1931. Since then, the College has grown into a truly international organisation with over 16,000 Fellows and Members worldwide.

Around half of our members practise outside the UK, with over 6,000 obstetricians and gynaecologists working in more than 100 countries including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and many more.

All members of the College access a comprehensive set of benefits which are designed to support excellence in the speciality. You can find out more on our benefits of membership page.

Once the MRCOG is successfully completed, our members are also awarded the right to use the post-nominals MRCOG. You can find out more about these designatory letters on RCOG post-nominals.