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Single Best Answer questions (SBAs)

This page provides information on the single best answer question (SBA) component of the Part 2 MRCOG exam.

Answering the questions

Each question consists of:

  • A lead-in statement, which tells you clearly what to do
  • A list of 5 options, labelled A–E

The options will nearly always be listed in alphabetical or numerical order for ease of reference. If not, they will be in the most appropriate order for easy reference.

Answer each question by clicking onto the letter that corresponds to the single best answer in the options list. You may feel that there are several possible answers, but you must choose only the most likely one from the options list. 


Incorrect answers are not penalised: each incorrect answer is awarded 0 marks. It’s in your best interests to ensure you select one answer option for each of the SBAs by the end of the exam.

Practice SBAs

Some examples of obstetric and gynaecology SBA format questions are below. Remember that for each question, you need to select the single most appropriate answer from the 5 options listed.